Help us give more learners the tools for school

The increasing cost of living has made it more challenging for families to ensure that their children are suitably equipped for success at school.

It is an unfortunate reality that many learners don’t attend school because they don’t have any books or stationery. Over the past five years SARPBAC has supported learners from disadvantaged backgrounds all over the Western Cape with basic stationery.

We are grateful to the companies and individuals who have supported this initiative in the past, and with a growing need for basic equipment for school, we appeal to all stakeholders to assist us in expanding our reach in helping disadvantaged learners and ensuring their attendance at school.

The following list outlines the stationery requirements for learners at primary and high school. We appreciate any contribution that will allow us to impact as many learners as possible.

1.500 x 288pg hardcovers

2.500 x 192pg hardcovers

3.500 x 3quire hardcovers

4.500 x 2quire hardcovers

5.500 x 72pg soft cover (A4)

6.500 x exam pads

7.200 x 72pg feint ruled (College Exercise) books

8.2000 x 72pg A5 Feint and Margined page exercise books

9.100 x 50pg flip files

10.250 x 30 sleeve flip files

11.250 x 20 sleeve flip files

12.50 x column accounting books

13.50 x A4 72pg unruled (blank page) white pg books

14.50 72pg 17mm ruling books

15.50 x 128pg colouring books

16.50 x A4 50 piece puzzles

17.20 x Arch lever files

18.250 x lever files

19.50 x folders

20.100 x rulers

21.100 x erasers

22.100 x sharpeners

23.100 x sellotapes

24.4 x boxes red pens

25.4 x boxes blue pens

26.4 x boxes black pens

27.10 x boxes koki pens

28.50 x boxes crayons (ten or more in each box)

29.50 x boxes thick crayons

30.50 x maths sets

31.50 x boxes roll up crayons (ten or more in each box)

32.100 x boxes of colouring pencils (ten in each box)

33.100 x Monami retractable wax crayons

34.200 x big Pritt glue sticks

35.40 x boxes A4 paper

Stationery donations can be delivered to our offices in Rondebosch, Cape Town by 9 December to enable us to pack and distribute timeously.

Should you wish to make a monetary donation; kindly note our banking details:

Account Name: SARPBAC

Bank: FNB

Account Number: 62289781752

Branch Code: 202409

Reference: Stationery + your name / company

Please feel free to contact Gary Wilson on 021 686 4281 or [email protected] should you have any questions.